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Interaction with neighbors

Neuronal field simulates brain activity
Modeling propagating activity waves

The appearance of a spot of light on the retina causes sudden activation of millions of neurons in the brain within tenths of milliseconds.

Bernstein Newsletter

Bernstein Newsletter

Nerve cells provide neighborly aid

The visual cortex of the brain analyzes and processes neuronal signals originating from the retina. When parts of the retina are injured, the corresponding regions in the visual cortex no longer receive any input signals.

Cerebral Neurons assist Adjacent Neurons

RUB scientists observe reorganisation after a lesion 
PNAS: Activity measurements using voltage-sensitive dyes

After retinal lesions, the affected cortical neurons are suddenly cut off from their normal outside world input signals.

Leonardo - Wo sind die Gedanken, bevor man sie denkt?

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WDR5 - Die kleine Anfrage [audio-file]

von Michael Bockelmann, 7. April 2008

Nature Neuroscience Reviews

Catch a shooting star

New work by Jancke and colleagues, using voltage-sensitive dyes to image neuronal activity in vivo, shows how activity in the early visual cortex can account for our perception of a classic visual illusion.

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

Das eigensinnige Organ im Kopf

Das Auge hat das heranrasende Auto längst erfasst, das Gehirn verarbeitet bereits Signale, dennoch haben wir es noch nicht "gesehen".

WAZ 3 April 2004

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