Available Theses & Projects

Cross-modal intracortical dynamics and plasticity during learning in virtual reality

in Collaboration with Prof. Thomas Knöpfel, Imperial College London, UK

Representations in the cortex are highly dynamic and depend on the actual cortical state bound to task specificity within multi-dimensional context. Our approach rests on the hypothesis that repetitive use leaves persistent traces in adult cortical networks that can be visualized as spatial or spatiotemporal patterns using wide field optical imaging methods. To measure complex cortical dynamics across multiple brain areas simultaneously we will exploit recent developments of mouse models that express voltage indicators intrinsically.

Master Thesis

Einfluss von Serotonin auf die Informations-Verarbeitung im visuellen Kortex der Maus

Master-Arbeit zu vergeben in Kooperation mit Prof. Stefan Herlitze, Lehrstuhl für Allgemeine Zoologie und Neurobiologie

Master Thesis

Optical Imaging Projects, Master-Thesis in Physics and Biology

Einfluss der Extrazellulärmatrix auf die Aktivitätsausbreitung im visuellen Kortex der Maus.

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